Services for Business Growth and Marketing Activities

  • City: Berlin
  • State: Berlin


we provide virtual employee that inculde

Our Virtual employee services includes:-

a.       Call center executive. (Handling inquiries, delivery orders, outbound customer satisfaction calls and other calling activities)

b.      Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing (Expert marketers will handle the marketing activities on the Internet with 100% guarantee on work quality)

c.       Virtual works. (other virtual works like graphic designing, web development, data entry etc)

We –UIZ Group, Berlin will provide Virtual employees to many businesses around the world with the motto of- SAVE TIME- SAVE MONEY. Happy clients are the reason for our growth.



The benefits of our services:-


1.       Recruitment Services:  We provide exact Virtual employees from our experienced team member as per our client’s requirement.

2.       Cost Efficiency: we provide Virtual employee starting from €499/month.

3.       Privacy and Security: we keep our clients details and database, documents with full security and privacy.

4.       Brand promotion: We help our clients increase their brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, authority, create higher conversion rates and create more inbound traffic.

5.       Legal Formalities: we take care of the complete taxes, insurances, and other legal formalities.

6.       Authority: we give our complete authorize over their VE workstation, working time schedule and many other things.


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