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Thousands of people have used the business opportunity offered by Essens. ESSENS is currently one of the most dynamic MLM companies in Europe. Earnings: 28% difference in price + sales campaigns + profit realized by marketing plan; and you can also earn a Peugeot and / or BMW car. You can really earn (from a few hundred to several thousand €), if you are ready to work. ESSENS perfumes are created with emphasis on the best quality. Essens does not produce perfume water (EDP) as a majority, but a perfume. Essens guarantees that every perfume product contains at least 20% of the fragrance essences (essential oils), exclusively provided by SELUZ company, which is one of the front producers of private brand. Perfumes are packed in Italian attractive packaging of 15 and 50 ml and are characterized by high quality and long duration. Essenes in its range of products also offers cosmetics, sunscreen creams, facial and body care products, supplements, perfumed fresheners ... Essens products are of high quality and successfully certified and registered for sale in each country where ESSENS is presented . To become a member of the Essens Club, click on the link below for your country and follow further instructions on the site. Registration and membership are free. (Do not register if you are not familiar with MLM business mode, please contact us first!) After registration we will contact you by email. Enter 770000299 in the Sponsor ID field. EU - UK - Germany - Austria - France - Italy - Russia - Senegal - Czech - Slovakia - Spain - Greece/Cyprus - Hungary - Kazakhstan -